Today was a different day

tomorrow is going to be a better day

yesterdays are all over for now

no pain, nor regrets that i hold

because that was all a past now

I just want to live my life that;

I want to live for myself


No grudges or hate can pollute;

myself being hold back to be

sad or to be agitated

and I am here to build up;

a life of joy and peace

and this time , no expectation

so that I need not be heartbroken

I just knew how to laugh,

and to fake myself to be happy

when I am not.

I learned how to move on;

to the flow of life where,

it leads me to be.

I tried myself to be emotionless

because I learned that can’t buy me;

food or clothes and it don’t make sense

because emotions make people weak 

and dumb and believe me that, no one

gives a damn about feelings and emotions

so pals, be selfish and cruel to yourself

and don’t ever expect some one to live

your life and make everything perfect

life is not always a fairy tale that you dream off 

you never knew what life has left for us and this

suspense ends when we ends 

Because that’s how world are off

its build out off guilt and revenge

sometimes we even don’t know 

that for what we have being fighting for

and why we hold back our life from what 

we really want to do.

it’s because that’s what they ‘told’ us

to be heartless and spineless

well now I am one of them

what better do you expect now?



In the agony of truth

i finally stood for myself

lets face what is true and just

i am in belligerent with my mind

is it wrath or is it hate?or am i desperate?

now all i can see is the lust

for power,money,or maybe fame

i fear for those who are deadly sweet

and i envy those who still have the,

reasons to laugh at small things or,

the power to live and to move on.

is the world i see complicated?

or does it me? or my pointless thoughts

i might be complicated but not desperate

but i am now stuck up in the flow of life

i fear for change but i’ll wait for,

where it wants me to lead

bring colors to my world

let the laughter echoes in the sky

let love conquer the hatred and pain

let all these heal my broken soul

and shall give me the power to fight

And give me the wings to fly high up in the sky

so that i can live a life of my own !!!





I have this very beautiful story to share and i definitely had a wonderful time exploring through this amazing piece of work. And this tale is very unique because it tells the very strong and lovely bond between a brother and sister. I know we have came across different such stories and why i felt this story touches my heart because i didn’t get that nerve to just led down that book from my hand and i know i wasn’t really running through the pages but i do feel like living inside that book .OK well i know you all must be asking me whats the name of the book and i don’t want you all TO keep in a suspense mode, so let me break the suspense here , ‘AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED’ written by KHALED HOSSEINI . And i have to say that he has that rare and truly gifted teller of tales ,were he is not afraid to pull every string in your heart to make it sing and  keeps us trapped inside his creations, and he really gives us a vivid and engaging story that reminds us how long his people have been struggling to triumph over the forces of violence or continue to threaten them even today.

the story starts in Afghanistan in 1952, abdullah and his sister pari lives in the small village of shadbagh. to abdullah, pari – as beautiful and sweet-nature d as the fairy for which she was named is everything to her brother abdullah. More like a parent than a brother, abdullah will do anything for her,even trading his only pair of shoes for a feather for her treasured collection. Each night they sleep together in their cot, their heads touching , their limbs tangled.


one day the siblings journey across the desert to Kabul with their father were pari and abdullah have no sense of the the fate that awaits them there, for the event which unfolds will tear their lives apart; sometimes a finger must be cut to save the hand.

crossing generations and continents,moving from Kabul,to Paris to San Francisco, to the Greek island of Tinos, khaled hosseini writes about the bonds that define us and shape our lives, and how the choices we make resonate through history.

I want all of you guys to read and explore this book to the fullest and to those who have read it already please share your experience , thoughts and views about this book through comments, so that let the world knows it too…!!


other books of his : kite runner, thousand splendid suns


the kitethousand





When the blossom bloomed
I sensed the same in my heart
I dont know how,when and why
But it healed my heart and soul
And I had reasons to live and fight
Past are no longer my curse
I’ll move on with my broken heart
sometimes truth are painful and ugly
and i have no choice but to accept
and hoped for never to turn back at it
it comes back and forth to hunt me down,
into endless sleepless nights
now i have to move on in life
and to seek peace and hope
its not the redemption but agony;
of doubtless love and hate
let all the doubts and worries be in abyss
so that i can wait  for my whole life as long as it
And will watch over the blossom to bloom once again ……!!


In this lunatic world
i run and been chased
bugged and exposed
nothing or nowhere to hide
where thousand eyes are all over me
and undying thirst and hunger,
make them mad and blind
it may crawl over me in no time
and world keep quite and enjoy
i screamed and yelled for a hand;
to stand strong and fight back
but no one did or cared to look at
everyone blocked their way and-
turned back at me and cursed me out

they all are cold and mean
and all they knew is to judge
and give a long endless speech
on what to do or don’t
but they never knew how to live
they all were senseless and lifeless
all their life was old and flimsy
what did i do? what am i blamed for?

now i am far away from this insane world,
because they don’t get me and neither do i,
were they cursed my soul, dignity and pride
now i am a triumphant and free from barriers
No more struggle for justice or acceptance
but days will come when they finally listen and;

bow their head out of shame and embarrassment
so that i can finally let my fears down and live freely…….





i can play blind and mute
but there is something else in my heart
which i didn’t felt in my entire life
i need to seek it but i knew
it was not meant for me
and i still love that smiling face
and your striking words
it puts smile on my face
and hardly make me to think
where i don’t want to pretend
good or bad, just me and myself
i love those rude interruption
and the answers with the smile

i played with the brain
but u hold me with the heart
you surrender my heart and soul
and leave me with sleepless nights
and i knew i had a war with my mind and heart
but i never let a chance to change my mind
i wish i could be what i wanted to be
all i wish to stay at your side
as long as i can and to write a story
of us happily ever after because,
i too started to believe in fairytale…..




Out of all the silence in my room , i heard that little weep in the echo. I tried to look around but i was in vein ,did someone here? or was i in a dream?. But this time i heard that again…..
WHAT was this??? a little drops rolling over through my pale cheeks.Is it tears or something else,does that mean i am in pain…???
but i dont know …. i then felt hard to breath….
i felt my lungs are heavy and the air seems polluted
no its not the air….. its my soul… my bloody polluted soul….
i tried to move away from the place … but then i thought what am i doing????!!!
all my years all i did was running away…running away from humanity and all those vows and all those fake emotions… oh come on !! am i thinking too much!!…. but now for the first time in my entire life, my visions are no blurred anymore
it was all pitch perfect now….
all those unwanted competitions and breaking hearts are all over now, and trying to be something i am not are all long gone now. Going behind all the fancy stuffs and falling in love with drugs more than we cared to love ourself; and of course shutting the mouth off my parents thinking that they dont understand me because they all are old and nuts… oh my !!! i never tried to understand myself…..!!. and most of all hanging out with some jerks and having one night stand and dressed up miserably to get attention !! well i got it… but did i lost my dignity and respect ?? well i dont know, all those fake praises to prove nothing …but to prove that “hey i am cool !!” BUT am i ??? am i happy enough now???
i dont know… and then i tried to move away from all the faces i knew.. and tried to build my own world. But is there anyone out here?? only my echos i could here… is this what i wanted?? the peace that i thought i could get , NO!!!…. now i look weak and ugly and all my pride and egoes are drenched when time passes by, and now i am left all alone with my sicken life with the broken wings…..


all new days comes and goes

and life is all just the same and old

nothing new nor nothing changed

just how it was and it will be

some familiar faces we see and forget

some maybe new but we don’t care

and some special days are no longer remembered

and no birthdays and no anniversaries

the life starts and ends

but the worst is it does start from the end

all i can see now an empty soul

and an empty life and too many ways

what to choose and not to

where can i find my way

ahead to you, to my life

where was that love

where was that smile

only old forgotten vows

but now we are apart

living with rotten memories

of just you and only yours


Image    This is to my dearest mother who stands with me throughout. And  a mother’s love is patience and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falter, even though the heart is breaking….. and this is why i love you more and always will……



I searched for a soul to make me live
I walked at the end of my life to take my soul
I see the things that I don’t want to see
I lived a life that I hated the most
I looked way back but I see all dark

 I tried to move, I tried to hide
And I find myself trapped in a mess
I wished for money, I wished for power
I wished for fame and I wished for a name
And when I had it all ; then I was hardly blind

Where can I find a light?
To free my soul and to wipe ,
The dark I hate the most
Where can I find a drop of peace
Where, I lost it in my past
Where can I get the love and care
That I didn’t have at all
Or can’t I buy or can’t I take it back ?
But I don’t know how

I ran and walked
Through the endless way
I find chased by the dark
I tried to fight it back, but I lost my grip
I felt suffocate and I fell on the ground

I looked the sky but I find all black
I searched for a hand to hold me up
I searched for a soul to wipe my tears
I searched for a heart to hug me tight

At the end I finally saw a light
It holds me up, closer to her heart
Kissed me and hugged me with all her love
I felt warm all around me
And I felt the love, I felt the care
I felt the peace that I won’t loose
I finally moved to light, back to my life,

I can see things and I know who you are

My sunshine, my love, my mother